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Eddie Shares Final Decision On Going To Türkiye For Hair Transplant

Eddie has been going back and forth with possibly going to Türkiye to get a hair transplant. Bobby Bones is willing to pay for Eddie and another person to go, all expenses covered.  After doing more research on what the total price for two people would cost, how long recovery would be and how much time he’d have to miss from work, Eddie has made his final decision! 

The all-inclusive hair transplant package in Türkiye costs $3,500 and he’d get a 5-star hotel, VIP transportation and the hair transplant done. Flights range between $3-4 thousand for two people. When added up it’s looking around $7-thousand for everything for Eddie and a partner.  

Eddie’s wife has liked the idea from the beginning, and he even got support from his parents and cousin. Eddie was about to say yes and go to Türkiye to get it done, but Bones then got a message from a friend he trusts who heard about Eddie’s situation. He shared that he took a partnership role with four surgeons who are leading hair transplant surgeons in Northwest Arkansas. He showed how he got a hair transplant done with Dr. Ragland and the results were amazing and offered Eddie to get it done with them in Arkansas. He shared the only reason he’d go to Türkiye is if he was trying to go a more affordable route and offered to fly him to Arkansas, set him up in a hotel and fly him back to Nashville.  

Eddie was willing to go to Türkiye, but now he’s so much happier he’ll be going to Arkansas instead. They are going to get Dr. Ragland on the phone to learn more information soon!