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Listener Offers Eddie Hair Transplant Situation in Wisconsin

Yesterday, Eddie decided he was going to go to Türkiye to get a hair transplant and Bobby Bones was going to cover the full cost of everything for him and a partner. It was going to cost around $10-thousand dollars and he was willing to pay because he thought it would be good content! 

Bones then got a call at the last minute that told him to hold off because one of his trusted friends informed him that he had partnered with some of the top hair transplant surgeons in Northwest Arkansas and had gotten one done himself and the results were amazing.  

A listener then called in and shared that they do robotic hair restoration in Wisconsin and had pictures and horror stories of patients who went to Türkiye for a hair transplant. She said they had scarring, some of the hair follicles don’t stick and you can’t get help again from that doctor once you come back to the states. The listener wanted to offer Eddie a deal that would be better than any other deal to get a hair transplant in Wisconsin.  

If they can work out the hair transplant deal in Arkansas, he will get it done there, if not, he will go to Türkiye. They are going to try to get the doctor from Arkansas on the phone next week to get more information!