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Bobby Shares Thoughts On Beyoncé's Historic Number 1 On Country Radio

Bobby Bones shared his thoughts on Beyoncé making history with becoming the first black woman to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart with “Texas Hold ‘Em.”  

Beyoncé made her debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and became the first woman in history to top the Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B Hip-hop songs since October 1958, when the chart first started. Charles Barkley, Gayle King, Harvey Levin from TMZ, The Today Show and Nightline have reached out to Bones to do an interview to share his thoughts on Beyoncé’s country music, but he’s chosen not to do any. When he goes on someone else’s show and it’s about sensitive tops like race or sexuality, people clip him saying things because he’s not in control of the show and his words get misinterpreted to make it sound like he’s racist. So, when it comes to things like that, he only agrees to do it if he can control what he’s saying. He’d also rather talk to his listeners about it and stand for what he believes and he’s playing “Texas Hold ‘Em” because he thinks it’s a good song!  

Bones is a big believer that you shouldn’t shut someone down regardless of what color they are and what other music they’ve done. It’s more important if we believe in them and their music with where they are in life now.