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Lunchbox Gives Update On Show Stocks & Pallet Business

Bobby Bones, Amy and Lunchbox put all their money together to invest in stocks, and a listener called in saying they should check their Nvidia stock because it’s up. Lunchbox checked and it’s up 74% since they bought it and currently have $339.  

They started with $720 total and currently are at $999.57. The stock they’ve lost the most on is Raymundo’s suggestion for Advanced Therapeutics, it’s done 83% and they’ve lost $27 on it.  

Lunchbox also gave an update on his pallet business. Everyone pitched in money to buy a pallet filled with Amazon returns that cost $500. Lunchbox was supposed to take pictures with every item, list them online and sell them to listeners if they called in to purchase an item. He and his wife have been working on it and creating descriptions for each item. They are going to sell it through a Facebook Auction, and everything will be ready by next Monday, March 4th.  

As soon as the pallet items get sold, Bobby Bones wants to invest in another storage unit with Lunchbox!