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Amy's Latest Obsessions: 'Who TF Did I Marry' & More (5th Thing)

Amy has started the viral tik tok Who TF Did I Marry from Reesa Teesa about her marriage to a narcissistic, manipulative liar and she's obsessed. It is a 52-part story that we should all pay attention to when dating...especially if using apps. 

Amy's other obsessions:

-Humm Kombucha (mango passionfruit)

-Nike Air Monarch Sneakers 

-Chamomile Lavender tea with raw honey and lemon before Bed

-Betty Buzz & WithCo 


Today's Quote:

“No people find each other more absurd than lovers” ― C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce


If you ever need help navigating narcissism, make sure you follow Dr. Ramani on IG! 

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FYI: Kat will be back from her honeymoon next week, but we are thankful to have Jeremiah fill in for her! 

Have the day you need to have. Byyyyyyeeee!!


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