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Bobby Reveals Sleep Study Results

Bobby Bones has been having trouble sleeping for a while, so he finally went to a sleep doctor about it and got his results back!  

He did the overnight stay at their office where he was covered in wires to test what the problem was. His sleep study results showed that he has severe sleep apnea, but they can fix it. In the study they found his throat closes about 30 times an hour. When your throat closes up, it shoots adrenaline into your brain because your brain is built to wake you up if you start losing oxygen. Since it happened 30 times, it’s considered a sever case and they aren’t sure what’s causing it.  

He will have to wear a CPAP machine every night and he’s hoping it won’t be too loud. Bones has not slept good in 20 years so he’s willing to do anything to make sure he starts sleeping well. He’ll get the machine in two weeks and is getting the newer version where it just connects to his nose, and he does not have to wear a full mask. Lunchbox looked up that people who have sever sleep apnea under the age of 50 only have 8-18 years left to live, but Bones is hoping wearing the CPAP machine will help.