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Lunchbox Spills Tea On Morgan Getting Flowers Delivered To Studio

Lunchbox spilled the tea on Morgan getting flowers delivered to the studio!  

Lunchbox saw a bouquet of flowers in the kitchen with a note for Morgan. She didn’t know they were delivered, and Lunchbox thought it meant that she’s dating a new guy and told him she likes to get surprises at work. Morgan shared that she does not have a boyfriend, but a listener did send her flowers. She’s never met him before and has no idea who he is. He only included his first name and phone number in a note and said he sent them because he wanted her to have flowers on Valentine’s Day. From the area code they determined the secret admirer is from San Fransico and they are going to call him later to find out what his deal is.  

Morgan noted that he sent her expensive flowers which shocked her since they had never met. She said it depends if she would go out with a guy who does a gesture like this but is looking forward to speaking with him!