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Raymundo Has Big Hopes For Sam Hunt’s Nashville Show

Sam Hunt is doing a show in Nashville and Raymundo has big hopes for it!  

Raymundo is a huge Hunt fun and has loved him since the early days of his career. He’s a fan of his music, how he speaks in interviews and his style. Over the years, Raymundo has expressed his love for Hunt and even wrote him a letter and received gifts from him.  

Brett Young is opening for Hunt, and Raymundo has a friend who does sound tech for Young so he’s hoping he hooks him up with tickets. He’s also working with the salespeople at work and Hunt’s label to try and get tickets for him and his wife. Best case scenario, he hopes they get invited backstage to hang out with Hunt and he gets brought on stage for a song. He’s not much of a singer but feels like he could sing along well to “House Party.” He’s also hoping if there is an after party that he gets invited to that and gets to hang out with him. Hunt is also playing at Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show at The Ryman on April 3rd, and he hopes he gets to hang out with him backstage there too.