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Amy Uses ChatGPT for Help With Turning Guy Down

Amy is using ChatGPT to help navigate the dating world!  

She turned to ChatGPT for help with turning a guy down nicely and they wrote out a very thoughtful response. She met him on an app, and they started texting, but it wasn’t going anywhere, and she needed help letting him know in a nice way. From ChatGPT, she came up with a response and told him in full transparency she wasn’t feeling a connection to pursue it further, even though he’s awesome, and wished him the best of luck.  

Bobby Bones tried it for himself and got a response that said, “Thanks for reaching out and showing interest, but I don’t think we’re right romantically speaking.” It then wished the person the best in their search for someone who is the perfect fit for them. Amy chose not to go out with this guy because she could tell it wasn’t a good match. She will not be so quick to give a guy her number on the apps next time.