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Scuba Steve Covers Hardy’s “TRUCK BED” With His Screamer Voice

Scuba Steve first started working in radio to try and get his music played because he was in a band as the lead screamer. A lead screamer is the person who screams at different levels during the song, and he was the only singer. He would write the songs and the band was called A Misread Fable. He hasn’t done any music since 2006, but when he saw Abby put herself out there and learn to play guitar, it inspired him to start again. He’s also been feeling like he’s been in a state of comfort for a long time and wants to put himself back out there.  

He heard HARDY’s “TRUCK BED” and thought it sounded hard and would be the perfect song to make a scream version. He recorded himself screaming along to HARDY’s “TRUCK BED” during the final chorus. He was able to stay on key and would love to perform with HARDY when he does a show in Nashville, but he does not want to pursue it professionally. HARDY is putting out a full rock album soon and Bobby Bones is going to text him the clip of Scuba Steve screaming over his song in hopes they can do something together!