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Lunchbox Had Cops Called On Him While At Kid’s School

Lunchbox almost lost his family and spent the rest of his life in prison!  

He got a progress report from his kids' daycare that one of his kids doesn’t interact at recess and plays by himself. He thought his kid might be a loser with no friends, so he wanted to see it for himself. He knew what time they went out for recess and there was a parking garage by the playground where you could look over the fence. He got some Chick-Fil-A and went to the parking garage and sat on the hood of his Altima and peeked over the fence while they were on the playground. Someone in a nearby office building saw him sitting on his hood, eating his lunch and looking into the playground and called the police. They came and asked him what he was doing, and he explained the situation about his kid. They treated him like a creeper and had to go to the school and verify that his kid was on the playground, and he wasn’t just watching random kids. Lunchbox stayed in the parking garage with an officer while another went to the school, asked the Director about it, and showed them a picture of him. They confirmed his kid was on the playground during that time and they let Lunchbox go.  

Lunchbox watched for 30 minutes and did see that his kid does his own thing while on the playground, but he is only two years old so he’s not sure if two-year-olds really play much together. It did look like he didn’t have many friends so he’s going to try and teach him how to interact with other kids and ask them to play. Lunchbox has not been back to that parking garage since.