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Show Members Admit If They’ve Ever Been Afraid Of Bobby

A listener called in wanting to know if anyone on the show had ever been afraid of Bobby Bones.

  • Amy – She knows Bones would not “chew” someone out when he’s upset, she’s more scared when he’s silent because she knows that means he’s disappointed.  
  • Eddie – He wasn’t afraid of Bones; he was more scared that he was going to get fired a few times when he arrived late to things.  
  • Lunchbox – He knows Bones is upset when he gives him the silent treatment.  

Bones thinks a lot about his leadership style is by example and hopes everyone sees how much he cares and depends on other people to make him better and when they don’t and he can’t rely on them, that’s when he’ll get silent because, he puts his energy somewhere else. He knows it’s not the healthiest way and he’s working on getting better.