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Bobby Asks For Tickets To Sam Hunt For Raymundo

Sam Hunt has a concert in Nashville tonight and Raymundo is a huge fan. He would love to get tickets to the show and hang out with him backstage and maybe even get on stage and sing a song with him. Bobby Bones reached out to people he knew and asked for tickets for Raymundo and if he could do shots with Hunt.  

He got a response that Hunt’s camp has been contacted about this and they are going to try and make something work so Raymundo’s dreams come true. The guy also joked that Raymundo might need to get a restraining order for his obsession with Hunt. Raymundo does comment on every Instagram post that Hunt posts pretending to be friends, but his most recent one about them both moving to the country did not get any likes.  

Hunt will also be playing with Bones & The Raging Idiots at their Million Dollar Show on April 3rd.