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Raymundo Goes Backstage With Sam Hunt & Takes Shot

Raymundo is a huge Sam Hunt fan and had high hopes for his concert. Last week, he shared he wanted to go to his show and hoped to go backstage to meet him and take shots together.  

Bobby Bones reached out to Hunt’s people and was able to get tickets for Raymundo and his wife to go to the show. They also got invited backstage but weren’t sure if they’d be able to hang out with Hunt because he had a lot of family in town and was busy. Raymundo waited for 20 minutes and was worried he wouldn’t get a picture with him, but then Hunt walked in one of the first things he said was “Ray!” He had been tipped off before that Raymundo was a big fan and had been excited for the show all week. Raymundo told Hunt that he posted a carousel showing every picture they had gotten together over the years, so he needed the 2024 pic together and they took one. Then, a man came up in a suit coat and opened the inside of it to show a sleeve of shots and Raymundo, Hunt and his agent took one together and his wife took a video of the moment. 

Raymundo loved the show but missed the final two songs because he left early to beat traffic.  Raymundo loved every minute of it, and everyone was happy he got to live out his dream with Hunt this weekend!