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Bobby Details Sleeping With Sleep Apnea Machine

Bobby Bones has been having trouble sleeping, so he went to a sleep doctor and got a sleep study done. The results showed that he has severe sleep apnea, and his throat closes about 30 times an hour, but they can fix it. He now has to wear a CPAP machine every night.  

He’s worn the CPAP machine for four nights so far. The box isn’t that big, and it has an air tube, and it connects into a strap that goes into his nose and blows the whole time and it makes no noise. He put it on the first night and it did feel weird, but he had seven of the most vivid dreams he’s remembered in years. He slept six hours straight without waking up and actually had dreams for once, which is rare for him. He was told it would take a week before he got the real benefits from it, but so far, it’s working great for him!  

In the four nights he’d worn it, it completely changed his sleep. It’s a little uncomfortable but the benefits that he’s gotten from it have made him feel like an alien because he wakes up not as tired anymore and feels a bit more whole. His early review is that it’s made a 65% difference for the better so far!