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Mike D Interviewed By Nashville Publication For Inspiring Story

Morgan was interviewed by Nashville Voyager Magazine for their Inspiring Stories and Lunchbox thought she wasn’t deserving of it because he didn’t know what was inspirational about her story.  

Mike D shared that he was also interviewed by Nashville Voyager a few years ago. His story was about being a first generation American, how he lost 100-pounds and how he met Bobby Bones. Lunchbox thought his story was more inspiring than Morgan’s, but she shared that hers will be about how she got bullied in high school, graduated early and then graduated early from college and then became one of the first people to start doing digital in the professional space.

Lunchbox shared if he got interviewed, his story would be about how no one believed in him and that his teacher’s told him he wouldn’t amount to anything. When he was in school, he did not try to amount to anything and wanted to be on The Real World. His only goal at school was to be entertaining and fun.  

When Morgan’s story comes out, Lunchbox will read it and share his final thoughts on her story! You can read Mike D’s story here.