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Morgan and Lunchbox Think They Saw Signs

Believing in signs is something we talk about a lot on The Bobby Bones Show, and Morgan and Lunchbox recently experienced some possible signs.  

Morgan was scrolling through TikTok on her For You Page and she wasn’t looking for anything and a video of a lady popped up who was reading cards. There were no hashtags or captions so there was no way Morgan could’ve searched for this video. The lady started reading the cards and said the person watching was in a space right now where they are about to meet the love of their life. Morgan thought it might be a sign meant for her. Bobby Bones thought it might just be her algorithm knowing her and that she was putting too much pressure on herself when it comes to dating. Morgan does feel like there’s factors in her life at play that are making her put more pressure on herself, but she reiterated that she isn't going to settle.  

Lunchbox also had a moment where he thought he saw a sign. He was out to dinner with his family, and there was a table of 6 people next to him, and they asked him for a picture with him. He agreed and asked them what they did, and they said they work with kidney transplants at Vanderbilt Hospital. Lunchbox thought it was a sign for Eddie since he’s talked about donating a kidney. They explained the benefits and risks of donating a kidney and stated that people are perfectly capable of living a normal and healthy life with one kidney. Lunchbox also asked if Eddie donated a kidney, since he is bald, would it make the person who receives his kidney bald, but it won’t. Eddie thinks it could be a sign and wants to get tested when he feels ready one day.