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Kane Brown Recalls Moment Wife Katelyn Told Him She Was Pregnant

Kane Brown stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his 2024 tour, expecting a baby boy and more!  

“I Can Feel It” is Brown’s latest number one song and from the moment he first heard it, he knew it would be a hit. He loved that it used a sample of Phil Collin’s “In the Air Tonight,” and he was looking for powerful, upbeat songs that were good for radio and tour. Brown’s 2024 In The Air Tour kicks off on March 27th and will include six stadium shows. Playing in stadiums was a huge goal of his and he first achieved it last year when he played his first one at Fenway Park. He’s thrilled to be playing more stadium shows this year and can’t wait to add “I Can Feel It” to the set list.  

Brown and his wife, Katelyn, are expecting their third child, a baby boy. He admitted he is scared to have a third child and it was unplanned. He also revealed he got a vasectomy so no more unplanned pregnancies happen. Brown found out the news when he got on a private plane going to a golf course and got a call from his wife saying she thought she was pregnant and then the call dropped. The whole flight he was freaking out and when he landed it was confirmed. They already have two daughters and now with a boy on the way that they weren’t trying for, they really do believe it was God’s plan.  

Brown made TIME 100’s Most Influential People List, and he hopes he’s influencing kids in a good way, but there is another part of him that is so laid back that he’s not sure how he made the list. He does try to show people to be respectful and he enjoys making music that everybody can listen to without curse words and hopes he inspires people to give back and help wherever they can.  

Brown’s In The Air Tour starts March 27th, for information visit