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Lunchbox Reviews Another Episode ‘NCIS: Sydney’

As punishment, Lunchbox has to watch the entire season of NCIS: Sydney. He only has one more episode to watch!   

He’s never seen any season of NCIS before. For this season, the plot is in Sydney, Australia and he doesn’t understand exactly what they do for work. He thinks the show is terrible and each episode is a little over 40 minutes. In the latest episode he watched, they are getting ready to go to a gala because a scientist is debuting their new technology and as they are about to go, a maid found someone dead at the hotel. They had to go to a secretive bunker and got locked in it with only two hours' worth of oxygen. Then they found out that the guy who died was supposed to be at the gala and the killer stole his medallion, so it meant the killer was at the gala! Overall, Lunchbox thought it was extremely stupid and it ended with ‘to be continued’ so there is one more episode he needs to watch before the season is over.