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Lunchbox’s 4-Year-Old Getting Hit By Other Kid Every Day at School

Lunchbox’s 4-year-old son is getting hit by another kid every day at school!  

Every day he comes home and tells his parents that this kid hit him. When they were planning his birthday party, he told them everyone could come but the kid that always hits him. Lunchbox has always been in the camp of hit them back, but he didn’t realize this would happen so young. He thought it would happen when his kids were in Middle School, not at 4-years-old. Lunchbox wants to know at what point he should tell his son that if he gets hit, he should hit him back.  

The teacher sees it happen and has the kid who is hitting him sit in timeout, but then he continues to do it. The kid does have a rap sheet and has been known to get in trouble and hit people and other parents have reported it. Lunchbox and his wife talked to the teacher about it back in November and they told them they were working on things, but there has been no progress because he continues to get hit every day. They taught their son to not hit people, but Lunchbox knows if he told him to hit him back in the face, he would do it.  

Eddie has a son that is always hitting other people and he continues to do it because no one has ever hit him back, so he suggested Lunchbox tell his son to stick up for himself and hit him back the next time it happens. Lunchbox’s son will understand that he needs to wait until he’s hit to hit back and not just randomly do it.  

Lunchbox may respond by finding out who the kid's parents are and calling them to address the situation. He’s also going to talk to the teacher about it again. But after that if it continues, everyone voted that they think his son should hit back the next time it happens.