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Guys Share Ideas For Dudes Trip To South Dakota

Bobby Bones has been to nearly every state in the United States, besides Alaska.

He was doing advertisement reads for South Dakota travel and it made him realize that he really wants to go to the state and actually spend some time there. He's been before, but didn't get to explore much. He thought it would be the perfect places for a dude trip. So this morning, all of the guys on the show pitched an idea for what they should do if they took a dude trip to South Dakota.

Eddie wanted to go on a $8,000 hunt to shoot a buffalo. Lunchbox wanted to go to Sioux Falls to visit Teen Mom Chelsea DeBoer, hang out with her and visit her new store. Raymundo wants to go on a pheasant hunt. Mike D wants to go to the Black Hills and ride ATVs. Scuba Steve wants the guys to go gambling. And then Bobby said he really wants to do a hike somewhere.