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Scuba Steve Wants Lunchbox To Pay Up for Two Segments

Scuba Steve brought the spotlight to Lunchbox on the Bobby Bones Show today (March 8).

He claimed it was time for Lunchbox to pay up on two segments that he's been dragging on for months. First, it's the pallet business. Lunchbox has yet to post anything online and Scuba Steve is ready to just throw everything out in the trash to get it out one of the show's rooms. However, Lunchbox said he has everything organized in an Excel spreadsheet and took all of the photos. Now, he's trying to decide how to go about selling them whether it's better to use eBay or Facebook.

Then, there was the segment about Lunchbox eating 3 pounds of food to see if he will immediately gain 3 pounds. This was pitched months ago last year, and has yet to happen. He claims Lunchbox is being too picky about what food gets chosen for him to eat. He would really like a Chipotle bowl, or something nicer than store bought mac and cheese. So Bobby pitched the segment to Raymundo, offering to pay him $100 to eat 3 lbs of food. Raymundo agreed and it seems the segment has now moved to him and will happen in the coming weeks.