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Lunchbox Claims He Got Singing Lesson From Garth Brooks

Lunchbox was at the grand opening of Garth Brooks new Nashville bar, Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk and claims he got singing lessons from Brooks there!  

Lunchbox claimed that Brooks approached him and gave him instructions on how to sing his song. When he played the audio, it turned out Brooks was just talking to the crowd and teaching them lyrics for everyone to sing back to him, and he wasn’t just singling out Lunchbox. Bobby Bones said that did not count because he taught the words to everyone in the room to sing together, but Lunchbox still believes he got personal singing lessons from Brooks.  

Abby was also there and shared that Lunchbox’s Mr. Cringe side was back. Abby saw Brooks walking around talking to his family and friends and every time she looked over at him, Lunchbox was standing right next to him and hovering over him. There were cameras following Brooks around for his documentary, so that’s why Lunchbox made sure he was always next to him so he could be in his documentary. Lunchbox and Brooks talked on the patio about the roof and if they should leave the tent up, and Raymundo witnessed and confirmed it. Lunchbox also got a selfie video with Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood and kept screaming that they were best friends. Lunchbox was a little out of control while there and dropped his drink while dancing but had a great time!  

While there, Lunchbox also met Abby’s boyfriend for the first time and thought he was quiet. He knows Lunchbox is not nice to her and he doesn’t like that so it might have been the reason why.