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Lunchbox Left Negative Review On Local Restaurant

Lunchbox’s New Year’s resolution was to give his opinion more, and he left a negative review.  

On Saturday morning he woke up at 6:15am with the kids and realized there was no food in the house. He looked up a new local breakfast place that said it opened at 6am and decided to take the kids there. When they arrived and went to the door, it had a sign that said ‘Open at 6am’ but the door was locked, and no one was there. Since they weren’t open when they said they were, he posted a review online and said it was weird that their hours said open at 6am, and he arrived at 6:30am and they were closed. He told them to correct their hours or be open when they say they are going to be and gave them a one-star review.  

He went to McDonalds instead and ordered at the kiosk, which he thought was annoying since there was no one to take his order, but said the experience was fine. Lunchbox has given good reviews at places before, he just left a bad review for this restaurant because he thought it was bad marketing that they weren’t open even though their hours said they were. If he were to go back to this place and it were good, he would write them a positive review.