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Miss Kelli Tests Show Members For Dyslexia

Miss Kelli, a specialist in testing people for Dyslexia, came on The Bobby Bones Show to test Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox and Eddie!

She was a teacher but left when her son was diagnosed with cancer. He started having trouble reading and they couldn’t figure out if it was medical related or a learning disability and when he was 9 years old, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Since she had a learning degree, she learned how to properly help and work with him. When he was 14, he started reading and is now about to graduate from U of A!  

Miss Kelli called into the show after she heard Eddie thought he might be Dyslexic and offered to test the members to find out! The first test was a reading evaluation. The National reading level is 7th grade, and this test is from 4th to 12th grade. She started the level at 4th grade and gave them a list of 30 different words for each member to read. She made notes on how their pronunciation was and if they paused before reading.  

Find out their scores on each test below:  

Test #1 - Pronunciation:

Eddie – read on a 9th grade level.  

Lunchbox – read on an 8th grade level.  

Amy – read on a 7th grade level.  

Bobby Bones – read on a 12th grade level.  

Test #2 – Spelling:

Eddie – 8th grade level.  

Lunchbox – 9th grade level.  

Amy – 9th grade level.  

Bobby Bones – 11th grade level.  

Test #3 – Auditory Process: 

There was a grid with some letters backwards on it, and they had 90 seconds to circle the wrong ones. It’s not a pass or fail test and instead test if someone needs intervention or not or if they need further testing.  

Eddie – He needs intervention or further testing.  

Lunchbox – He missed a few but needs no intervention.  

Amy – Showed that she has signs of dyslexia and needs intervention or further testing.  

Bobby Bones – His was perfect and needs no intervention.  

The Final Results:

Eddie – 8th grade level and needs intervention.  

Lunchbox – 8th grade level and does not need intervention.  

Amy – 8th grade level and needs intervention.  

Bobby Bones – High School level and does not need intervention.