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Dr. Lori V evaluates Amy’s Madame Alexander Doll Collection

Dr. Lori V was on The Bobby Bones Show to appraise Amy’s Madame Alexander Doll collection.  

Amy’s grandmother gifted her a new Madame Alexander Doll for every birthday and holiday when she was younger for years. She had them all sitting on a shelf in her room and kept the original boxes they came in and the dolls still have the little booklets attached to their wrists.  

Madame Alexander Dolls were founded and owned by Beatrice Alexander who started creating them in the 1920s. She introduced new materials and innovative designs to create lifelike dolls based on famous people and characters in books, films, music, and art. Certain dolls are worth a lot of money if they are in mint condition today. 

The first ones she evaluated were the Antony and Cleopatra dolls which pair together. Both dolls are worth $150 each, but if they come as a pair then they are worth $400. The next ones were the Napolean and Josephine doll, that Amy has as a pair in the original box, and they value at $450. She also valued the entire Little Women set, which was one of the most famous in the collection, at $400. Some other dolls she valued was one that came in the Nationalities collection and represented Austria at $10, Snow White at $50 and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were $75 each. Amy will potentially sell the dolls and some listeners have expressed interest in them!  Dr. Lori V advised people who have valuable collections to keep the pieces out of sunlight, in rooms that are climate controlled and don’t store them in attics.  

For more information about Dr. Lori, follow her @DrLoriV.