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Eddie Made His Son Cry After Giving Him Something

Eddie unintentionally made his son cry and now his parenting is being questioned!  

Bobby Bones has been giving Eddie sports cards from a memorabilia thing that he’s part of. He gets sports cards sent to him and when he doesn’t like them, he gives them to Eddie to give to his kids. Whenever they do something good, Eddie gives them a pack of cards as a reward. When his 10-year-old son did something good recently, he gave him a pack of cards and when he opened them, he saw there was an old Deion Sanders card. It’s an older one from when he played on The Cowboys and Eddie kept it for himself and put it in his office and let his son keep the rest of the cards that were in the pack. He looked it up and saw it was worth $20 and hopes it increases in price in the future. His wife then told him that their song was crying because he wasn’t happy that Eddie took the Sanders card away. He explained he only took it to protect it because he knew his son would not treat it well and possibly lose it.  

Bones and Lunchbox thought Eddie was in the wrong because he gave him the cards and took one away from him so now every time he opens a pack of cards, he’ll be scared his dad will take one away. Also, it’s teaching him to start hiding things from him. Eddie is going to give his son back the card tonight and bring proof that he did!