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Lunchbox Makes Deal With Bobby If He’s Nice For Two Weeks

Lunchbox believes that if he’s nice for two weeks and shows no anger, rage or meanness, the lottery Gods will reward him, and he’ll win some big money! Bobby Bones made a deal with him that if he can keep that promise of being kind for two weeks, he’ll give him $100 towards his lottery, and Amy will give him $20. If at point during the two weeks he’s not kind, he must start over from that point.  

Bones wanted to do something kind for Lunchbox, so he played a voicemail from a listener about how Lunchbox can drive a Lamborghini. It’s always been his dream to drive one and he shared that he could do that when Extreme Experience comes to Nashville on April 5-7th. It’s $600 and gives him the opportunity to drive a super car for three laps around Nashville Speedway. Bones then made another deal with Lunchbox that if he completes two weeks of kindness, the money for the lottery would instead go towards this so he could have this experience, and Lunchbox agreed!