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Bobby Debating Leaving Review After Bad Package Deliver

Bobby Bones is not someone who typically leaves reviews. Even if something goes wrong, he’ll just figure they were having a bad day.  

Bones had an Amazon package sent to his house yesterday and it said it was delivered but he couldn’t find it anywhere. He checked on the app, and they showed a picture of where they left it, and it showed they threw it in a ditch in front of the house. He was annoyed about it but is not sure if he needs to review it because it might’ve been an accident.  

Lunchbox thinks it wasn’t an accident and they just did a drive by toss. Bones is also confused why they took a picture showing that they did a bad job at the delivery. Eddie thinks he needs to write a review and tell them he was not satisfied with that happened. But Bones does not like that idea because he would probably get nothing, and the worker may get penalized and lose their job.