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Eddie Thinks Lunchbox’s Altima Finally Died After Receiving Company Email

Lunchbox’s 2005 Altima has died and come back to life many times. Some days it works, but most days it doesn’t. He tried donating the car to a Driving School but even they wouldn’t accept it due to how old it was. He still hasn’t gotten a new car and relies on his wife’s car or people to drive him around most days.  

Eddie now thinks Lunchbox’s Altima has finally fully died after receiving a company email. The email said there had been a car parked in the company garage for over a week that needs to be moved and described it as a Nissan. Eddie immediately thought it was Lunchbox’s car and he left it in the garage for someone else to deal with. Lunchbox confirmed it was not his car and Eddie was just trying to create click bait. The email said the car was a Nissan 370Z with a cover over it and it looked like someone had been storing it there. He gave an update that his Altima is still good and working every now and then. Eddie has a solution for Lunchbox’s car and explained his friend opened a car garage that turns old cars into electric cars. His friend could get it to run for the next 20 years, but Lunchbox is only interested if he could get it done for free.  

Bobby Bones shared other “click bait” ideas members had sent in like one from Lunchbox who claimed he is beefing with Miranda Lambert. He walked into the studio and saw Lambert had sent two pairs of boots, one for Bones and the other for his wife, Caitlin. She sent the boots as a thank you for their support for the Boot sale she did that benefited her charity, MuttNation. Lunchbox felt it was unfair Caitlin got a pair of boots since she did not promote it on the show, but Bones explained they both donated money towards it. Bones asked Lambert to sign the boots she sent so he could auction them off to raise more money.