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Bobby Bones Show Reviews Things They’re Using Right Now

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared things from their life and let you know if it’s worth it or not.  

  • MorganThe Dyson Airwrap. It’s a styler with a curling iron and flat iron and it does that while drying your hair. It was not cheap, so it had to be of extreme value for her to purchase it and it was 100% worth it. It cut down the time of her blow drying and styling her hair and gave her so much volume. Her hair stayed throughout the night and the next morning too! 
  • Eddie – Every time he goes to Texas over the holidays and stays with his in-laws, his mother-in-law makes coffee cake that he loves. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has come up with a coffee cake mix that is cinnamon toast crunch flavor and he thinks it’s so good. It’s in the cake section of the grocery store and you need to make it, but it doesn’t take long, and the results are great!  
  • Lunchbox Vicks One Gallon Filter Free Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier. Whenever he gets congested or is battling allergies, he uses it because it clears up any nasal drainage and helps his throat. He said it’s 100% worth it.  
  • Bobby Bones – The TV Show, True Detective Night Country on MAX. This season stars Jodie Foster in Alaska. Bones had high expectations because he loved the first season, but he’s disappointed with this one. He gave it a C minus and only two stars.  
  • RaymundoDorm Dude Breaks. He got a Bjan jersey, a football from Shady McCoy and a jersey from Ray Lewis. Some of the jerseys came with the tag on it and showed it was an official jersey and you’re able to back scan it to make sure the signatures are real. They came in the mail, and it was all great and worth it.