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Eddie Thinks He Has Stomach Cancer After Google Searching His Symptoms

The internet can be great because you can look anything up. But when you get sick and search your symptoms, it usually gives you the worst-case scenario.  

Eddie’s abdomen area has an annoying pain that is always there. He believes in signs and saw a sign a few months ago that said “Get checked for cancer,” and he started thinking about doing it soon. Then when his stomach started hurting, he looked up his symptoms and the first thing that came up with not a diagnosis but a story about a 20-year-old kid who had pain in his stomach and did nothing about it for six months and when he finally did, it turned out to be cancer. Eddie has had this pain for a month and doesn’t know why he’s waiting to get it checked out. Stomach intestinal cancer also runs in his family. He’s freaked himself out and is worried he may have cancer so he’s going to a doctor to get checked out just for peace of mind.  

Also, Lunchbox shared an update on the bump on his leg and it’s still there. He’s been dealing with it for over a month and is going to get it checked out soon.