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Lunchbox Called 911 Over Person Driving Without Kid In Car Seat

A listener called in wanting to know if he did the right thing when he called 911. He was on the highway and saw a one-year-old in the back seat waving out the window and not in a car seat. He called 911 to report it and wondered how members on the show would’ve handled the situation.  

It reminded Lunchbox about the time he called 911 because he saw a kid not in a car seat. He was at a drive-thru of a restaurant and saw a three or four-year-old kid jumping up and down in the front seat of a car with no car seat. In the 911 call, Lunchbox told them about it and that they pulled out on the road and drove away. They asked if it was an abduction, which it was not, he just felt like it was a very unsafe situation. The 911 operator asked if the car was driving recklessly or it seemed like an emergency, which Lunchbox did not think was. He offered to follow the car to give the police more information until they got there, but they said it was not necessary. They reminded him for future reference to only call the emergency line for emergencies and there is a non-emergency line for things like this.