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Bobby Bones Show Nominated For ACM Award

The Bobby Bones Show is nominated for an ACM Award for National Daily On-Air Personality of The Year!  

It’s important to Bobby Bones that everyone who works on the show gets acknowledged. Everyone else who was nominated in the category only had the main hosts name for the show, but The Bobby Bones Show nomination included Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox, Producer Eddie, Morgan, SZN, Mike D, Abby, Pitts, Kevin, Lauren and Scuba Steve. Everyone was included because he felt like the show would not happen if it weren’t for the full gang. Also, if the show wins, he wants everyone to receive a trophy. However, people are questioning who SZN is, which is Raymundo. He did not include his first name and only wanted to go by SZN.  

Bones thinks it’s funny and on brand for the show, but it could be why some people don’t take the show seriously. Raymundo was asked what he wanted his trophy to say if they potentially won and he said SZN. He didn’t want to include his real name because he feels like this job is stupid. In 30 years when he has a trophy and his great grandkids look at it, they’ll think it’s funny. Also, the type of radio he comes from people all had ridiculous stage names. No one on the show calls him SZN but he said it’s part of his social media and outside of the show a lot of people call him that.  

Raymundo’s wife posted about the nomination on Facebook and her mother asked her if he was still on the show since she did not see his name. Morgan also had multiple people ask if they added someone new to the show because they did not know who SZN was, and she had to explain it was just Raymundo. On previous trophies Raymundo won, they all say something different. One says Raymundo, one says SZN, and the others are his real name, Raymond Slater.