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Miranda Lambert Shares Why She Collects Salt & Pepper Shakers

Miranda Lambert stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the final shows of her Las Vegas residency, being the first female to have a bar downtown Nashville and more!    

Lambert is getting ready to do the final nine dates for her Velvet Rodeo: The Las Vegas Residency, at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort. It starts on March 20th and will run until April 6th. She shared it’s bittersweet that these are the last shows for now and didn’t completely wright off ever doing a Vegas residency again. Lambert loves the intimacy of playing at the theatre because everyone can see the show. She spent so long curating the show to make sure it was perfect, so she doesn’t make any changes to the set list each night. The shows have become muscle memory for her so she doesn’t do sound check and gets to the theatre around 5pm for hair and makeup. When she’s doing her Vegas residency, she’ll stay at her house there. She tries to protect her voice as much as possible since it’s so dry out there, so she doesn’t go out much.  

Lambert and Jon Randall partnered with Big Loud to create Big Loud Texas to keep that outlaw movement going. She said that Willie Nelson, Waylon and the boys are such a big part of country music and why it is the way it is so she’s hoping to nurture the next generation. Most labels don’t hire artists for the artists, so she doesn’t want to do any of the business side of things, she wants to be an artist for the artist. When they need something, or advice or want to write songs, she wants to be the person they can come to due to experience. She’s excited about helping younger artists find their footing and being a shoulder they can lean on. The first artist they signed was Dylan Gossett and her and Randall have been digging through Instagram and TikTok trying to find artists that fit their vibe. The whole process has been refreshing and fulfilling to her in a different way. Lambert’s journey started in 2004 and the artists she’s working with on this label are just beginning theirs, so she gets to experience the new with them again, which she loves.  

Lambert collects salt and pepper shakes. It started a long time ago and fans would bring them to her as a gift at meet and greats. When she met Loretta Lynn, she showed her salt and pepper shaker collection and that’s when she thought they were cool and continued down that path. She keeps them in a cabinet and has gotten them from all over and she remembers where they are from and who gave them to her.  

Lambert has been in country music for a long time and has made it through a lot of phases the genre has gone through over the years. She has never had a different phase and has always stayed true to herself. She is the first female to have a bar on Nashville’s lower Broadway, Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa. She takes it very seriously and feels honored. The music led to everything, but she was able to expand and become a brand and thanked her team for how amazing they have been, and she revealed she has an all-female team. She noted that if it all goes well then it just reaches more audiences to country music.  

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