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Abby Got Message About Gig For $50,000

Abby got a message and she’s not sure if it’s a scam or possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to her!  

Abby came to Eddie and needed his advice about a DM she got on Instagram. The message was from someone who said they owned the racetrack, Laguna Seca in California, and they wanted to book shows there. They asked Abby if she would host a concert there, play a couple songs and bring a Nashville artist. The budget was $50,000. They’d pay her that amount, but she would need to pay the artist as well.  

Abby thinks it’s a reliable source because of their Instagram profile and that the owner's daughter reached out to her. An artist like Travis Denning would possibly cost around $30,000 to do a gig like this, so Abby could keep $20,000. Bobby Bones called his manger to find out his thoughts and he said it felt like a catfish scenario. If it did turn out to be true, they could find a good artist who would be willing to go out there and play an acoustic set for $30K. Bones called Denning and told him about the situation and he said if the date was open, he would fly out and play an acoustic show for that amount of money. Denning has never gotten offered a gig in this way before but has done interesting shows in the past so he’s open to it! Abby is going to get back to them to find out more information and depending on the date, Denning and herself would be happy to do it but she would need to negotiate the price.