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Bobby Celebrates Amy On Air With His Top 5 Favorite Amy Moments

Today is Amy’s 43rd birthday and Bobby Bones wanted to celebrate by sharing his Top 5 favorite Amy moments!  

1. When she almost died taking the hottest shot. Her name landed on the wheel of punishment, and she had to take the shot. At first, she took it like a champ, then she started freaking out and everyone was scared. She was screaming and thought she would need to go to the hospital because it hurt so bad.  

2. The time she recorded a 30-minute podcast with the guest audio down. She was interviewing a guest and for 30 minutes she did not have the guest's mic on, so she got no audio. And to make it worse, at the top of the podcast, she said she was good with the levels, but it turned out she wasn’t. 

3. When she glitched during a Fun Fact Friday trying to say there was a McBoat McDonald location and completely glitched trying to say “McBoat.” 

4. The time she called Rascal Flatts old. She was interviewing them at the 50th CMA Awards and asked them if it was their 49th show. 

5. The time she sang “Chasing After You” with Ryan Hurd. Amy would always sing along to it in the car and thought it was in her wheelhouse, so she tried singing it with him when he visited the studio, but it didn’t go well. 

For her birthday, Amy is going to her daughter’s softball game tonight and then her and her friends and family will go out to dinner!