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Listeners Admit Mishaps With Their Most Prized Possessions

Eddie accidentally signed Bobby Bones signed Larry Bird basketball when they were signing basketballs to give away. Eddie has been feeling awful about it, but Bones has moved on. Apparently, a lot of people have stories just like this and listeners called in to share! 

Listener Karen from Georgia shared that back in 1992 when she was pregnant with her first child, her and her husband didn’t want to know what they were having and wanted it to be a surprise. They brought a camcorder to tape the ultrasound and it was the only one they had. Her mom wanted to see it and when they went to look at it, they realized her husband accidentally tapped over it with the Daytona 500 race.  

Sonya in Texas shared that when the Texas Longhorns won the National Championship, they got the Wheaties box for memorabilia. Her in-laws came to town, got hungry, decided to eat the cereal and didn’t know it was memorabilia. Fortunately, she had two boxes, so she was able to keep the second one.  

Garry in Georgia called to tell us when he was on a Southwest Flight someone was sitting in the row he usually does and was reading the newspaper. Garry kept looking at him because he looked familiar and the guy finally put down the paper and said, “I am who you think I am,” and it was Muhammad Ali. Five minutes before they landed, he started signing little square pieces of paper to give out to people on the plane, so he didn’t have to stop and sign anything for anybody. Garry got one and put it on the fridge and his mom scribbled out the signature and left him a note. He explained what she accidentally did, but the signature was ruined.  

Maddie in Virginia shared that when her and her brother were younger, they used to make at-home videos of their toys and they accidentally recorded it over their dads last video of his dad before he died.