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Lunchbox Gives Strangers Compliments For Kindness Challenge

Lunchbox is currently doing his 2 Weeks of Kindness! If he is nice for two weeks and does not make any means comments, Bobby Bones will pay for him to drive a Lamborghini around the Nashville Speedway. So, Lunchbox gave strangers compliments to brighten up their day!  

The first one was at a coffee shop he went to with his wife. He complimented the barista on how smooth and great the pour was and said everything he did was great. He didn’t tip though. The next was to a man in the grocery store in the cereal aisle. He told him that his sweater was “straight fire” and it looked great. Then when he took his kids to the dentist, he hyped up the dental hygienist and told his kids since she was doing such a great job, their teeth would be so clean. He’s just trying to be nice to one person, one day at a time in hopes he’s rewarded for it!