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4 Gut Instincts You Should Not Ignore (5th Thing)

Kat asks Amy what she learned this last year of her life since she's now 43 years old (as of this week) and she also asks about a fun memory from the year (since it was a rough year around the sun with the divorce and all!) Have you ever rubbed your eyelids?? Because that's a thing you'll learn about in this episode...and it's something Amy enjoys very much! 



“Some people talk to you in ‘their free time’... and some people ‘free their time’ to talk to you. Make sure you know the difference.” -Someone’s Grandpa


They also talk about 4 gut instincts we should not ignore:


1) A Sense That You Are Not Well:

For example, Amy felt "off" so she got blood work and turns out she has very low testosterone (like very, very low!!) and that is causing her to feel very spacey. She's getting some cream to run on the back of her leg, so we shall see if that helps. 


2) Excitement About An Opportunity:

Excitement is your intuition’s way of saying that something about that opportunity is resonating with your soul (so don't let your logical mind talk you out of something you feel is aligned for you!!) 


3) A Feeling Of Danger:

When you feel an immense sense of nervousness, take it seriously (better to be safe than sorry!) 


4) Being Drawn To Someone:

People are in our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime! (IYKYK: Amy is going to frame this for Kat's office because Kat doesn't think it's that deep, but Amy does haha) 



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