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Lunchbox Asks People To Leave Restaurant Because They Were Sitting Too Long

Lunchbox was out to dinner with his family and another family and had 9 people total in their party. They were told it would be a 30–45-minute wait and they put their name on the list. Over an hour went by and the kids were starting to get hangry, so they talked to the hostess. She told him they were just waiting for a table to clear and showed him which one it was. He looked over and saw they already had to-go boxes but were just sitting there lounging and talking. Lunchbox was frustrated because they were clearly done eating and his party couldn’t sit until they got up. He wanted to know if it would be rude to go up to them and tell them they were waiting for their table and ask if they could take their conversation outside.  

Lunchbox wouldn’t think it would be rude if someone did that to him depending on how they asked. Bobby Bones said he has never seen something like that happen and Amy and Eddie would never go up and say something.  

Lunchbox decided to bring his 4-year-old son with him and his friend and went to the table to ask them. He told them they were waiting for their table, their kids were hungry, and if there was a chance, they could continue the conversation outside. They apologized and said they didn’t realize they had been sitting around that long and got up. Within three minutes the table was cleared, and they were able to sit. What Lunchbox learned from this is to ask for what you want because the worst they can say is no!