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Amy Doing Follow Up Dyslexia Test After Diagnosis

Dyslexia specialist, Miss Kelli, came on The Bobby Bones Show to test everyone to find out if they had it. Bobby Bones and Lunchbox did not, but Eddie and Amy did.  

One of Amy’s best friends since she was 14, is a teacher and when her son was diagnosed with Dyslexia, she trained how to teach and work with it. She’ll be in town this weekend and is going to work with Amy on some things. Miss Kelli encouraged Amy to get further testing, so she set up a Zoom appointment with her to figure out a plan. She also wants to be specific about where her Dyslexia lives so she can address that area.  

When Amy first took the test on the show, she started crying, and it was because she always knew something was wrong, but she never knew what. Now in a very public way she is figuring it out and looking back on her time in school, she realizes now why she struggled more than others.  

Lunchbox asked if since her diagnosis if people have treated her differently, but she said no. She’s heard from other people who also have Dyslexia that you can use it to your advantage because your brain looks at things differently and you’ve had to develop a different way to learn. The narrative Amy has always had in her head is that teachers did not expect much of her. A constant conversation she had in therapy was that she thought she was stupid, but it was because she didn’t know what she had! She’s excited to get further testing and learn more and see where it takes her!