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Bobby Dropping New Digital Series About Memorabilia

Bobby Bones released the trailer for the new digital series he’s doing about all the sports memorabilia he’s collected called, I Saw The Signs.

For a while he’s been collecting sports memorabilia, and in the series, he’ll show how much he’s bought and how much it’ worth. He’s also really gotten into buying sports cards. He recently bought one thousand unopened baseball cards of players from the 90s for $60 and he doesn’t plan to make money from them but just enjoys going through them 

Opening sports cards is his new obsession and he called his friend, Andy Roddick, who is a professional tennis player, and told him he tried finding him in the cards and Roddick told Bones he had 100 rookie cards he’d give him! Bones may bring some of the playing cards to the show for them to open and see how much they are worth!