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Lunchbox Has Reached One Week Of Being Nice

Lunchbox is doing two weeks of kindness where he can’t be mean or rude to anyone for two full weeks. If he breaks it, his timer starts over. If he accomplishes it, Bobby Bones will pay for him to drive a Lamborghini around a racetrack. Driving a Lamborghini has always been Lunchbox’s dream, so he’s determined to be kind for two weeks and has finished the first week!  

But there have been a few possible mishaps. When Amy was out sick, he texted her asking if she felt okay. She realized he only asked to keep his kindness streak going, not because he cared. He had never checked up on her other times when she was sick in the past. But he thought he was just being nice checking up on a co-worker and friend.  

Lunchbox also was rude to Eddie during a game. A listener pointed out that Lunchbox called Eddie an idiot during the Elder vs. Millennial game, but Bones felt like he was kidding, and it wasn’t mean or rude and Eddie also did not feel like he was being unkind. Then in the ‘Name that Instrumental Game,’ he called Eddie a Buffon for betting against him, but Bones thought he was just being playful. 

Lunchbox only has six days left of his kindness challenge. Bones wanted to challenge him to see if he was truly being kind or just being less of a jerk, so he suggested writing every member of the show a thank you note. Lunchbox didn’t want to write the notes and when Eddie pushed him on why he didn’t, he said he’s not Dyslexic like Eddie, which may have just cost him his kindness streak and he’d have to start over!