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Amy On First Birthday Not Receiving Message From Ex-Husband

Lunchbox wanted to know where the line was on reaching out to an ex-partner to wish them a happy birthday.  

Amy’s birthday was this week, and it was the first time in 17 years she did not get a birthday message from her ex-husband. She admitted she thought it odd he did not send her a message because she sent him one on his birthday. Their divorce happened last summer but since then they have both experienced a lot of firsts and when you do it hits you and there is a moment to grieve that, but it does not mean they didn’t do the right thing, or they are not moving forward.  

She’s had several moments since their divorce where things have felt weird even though she knows it shouldn’t since they are not together anymore. But when you spend a long time with someone there are things that sting a little, but you move on. She admitted not getting a birthday message from him did sting a little, but she understands why and is fine with it. The kids were with him for Spring Break, and they told her they got gifts for her while they were at the beach, and she knows that it was probably her ex-husband telling them to get her a gift.  

Not getting a birthday message from him was another reminder that what she thought her life would be, isn’t, so when those feelings hit, she takes a moment to process it and moves on!