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Eddie Plays JEP-EDDIE To Celebrate Birthday

It’s Eddie’s birthday today (March 21) so we played a version of Jeopardy called JEP-EDDIE! Bobby Bones has a lot of gifts for him, but he could potentially win none of the big ones.  

The categories were: The Beach, Dallas Cowboys Trivia, Lyrics In Songs, Call Me Daddy (Famous Dads) and Hats. The easiest questions are worth one point and the hardest are worth five. Once he gets to 10 points, he gets to choose a gift number one through six, and he gets to either keep that gift and quit the game or trade it away and continue the game.  

The first gift he was presented with was a Micah Parsons Football card and the first category he chose was Dallas Cowboys and got the question right. He then went through the other categories and got a lot of questions wrong and ended up with negative points. He regained points, got to 10 points and did his first birthday trade. He traded the Parsons card and picked gift #3 first and it was a CeeDee Lamb mini helmet. For his next trade he only needed to get 8 points because there were only two questions left, one that was worth 4 points in the Call Me Daddy category and one worth 5 points in the Hats category. He got the Call Me Daddy questions wrong, so Bones made a deal with him that if he wanted to wager the Lamb helmet on the next question. If he missed it, he had to take the Parsons card again, but if he got it correct, he could choose another number for a gift.  

He chose to go for the question and got it right! He chose gift #5 and it was a signed Dak Prescott jersey which Eddie was thrilled about!