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Listeners Claim Lunchbox Hasn’t Been Nice During Some Segments

Lunchbox is currently doing his 2 Weeks of Kindness! If he is nice for two weeks and does not make any mean comments, Bobby Bones will pay for him to drive a Lamborghini around the Nashville Speedway. But some listeners have claimed he hasn’t been nice during some segments.  

Bones wanted to challenge Lunchbox’s kindness to see if he was truly being nice or just being less of a jerk, so he suggested he write everyone on the show a thank you note. Lunchbox said he didn’t want to because no one would be able to read his writing. Eddie joked that it was because he didn’t know how to write, and Lunchbox responded that he did know how to write because he was Dyslexic free, unlike Eddie. Bones and Eddie thought he was being mean, but Amy thought he got a pass because Eddie made a hit at him first, so he hit him back.  

In another segment about Abby getting offered $50K to book and perform at a show, when asked how he felt about her possibly getting that amount of money, he said he’d vomit. He claimed he said that comment not because he was trying to be mean to Abby, but because that’s a lot of money and he’d have that reaction if anyone got paid that amount.  

Bones and Amy did not think these comments were bad enough for his two-week kindness challenge to have to start over. Bones made a new rule that people could try to bait Lunchbox and if he responds in a mean way, then he will have to restart the challenge!