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Lunchbox Shares Thoughts on Morgan’s ‘Nashville Voyager’ Story

Morgan had an article written about her for ‘Nashville Voyager’ for their Inspiring Stories section! Lunchbox was mad when he found out because he didn’t think her story was inspiring, so he read it live on the show. He could read it in any tone he wanted but he couldn’t add words that weren’t there.

Lunchbox started with reading about Morgan’s experience dealing with bullies in high school, so she finished her classes at home which allowed her to focus on what she wanted to do after High School. She then started working at a local news station in Wichita, Kansas and went to Kansas State University to major in Broadcast Journalism because she wanted to make a difference and impact. He then read how Morgan interned with iHeartRadio and helped them run their social media pages when it was just becoming a thing. She graduated college in three years and then received a job offer from iHeart to be the Digital Director and was overseeing four radio stations social media channels to create local and national content. Then after 10 months she applied for the Digital Director job for iHeartRadio in Nashville and got it, moved away from home and then started working on The Bobby Bones Show.  

Amy and Bobby Bones were proud of her and thought her story was inspiring and brave. Lunchbox thought her leaving home to move to Nashville was not inspiring since he did the same thing. He also didn’t think she had enough details about being bullied, which Morgan said was because she was suicidal and wasn't ready to detail that part of her story. Lunchbox also had no idea she oversaw the podcast for the show and Morgan shared that she gets messages from listeners when something is wrong and has to handle things, and she needs to make sure all their social channels are running smoothly.  

Morgan did not expect this article to be read on-air and does not expect her story to be inspiring to anyone. It doesn’t bother her if he didn't think her story was inspiring, but she hopes that maybe sharing pieces of this could help someone. She felt proud of her story and what she has gone through. After reading the article, Lunchbox did not think her story was inspiring, but thinks she is good at her job.