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Morgan’s Heart Melted On Recent Date

Morgan met a man on Hinge and has gone on 5 dates with him so far! 

They matched because she thought he was good looking, they had similar interests, and all his pictures were normal. One of the pictures was him in a uniform and she hinted that he might be an athlete. They’ve gone on five dates, but they haven’t defined the relationship or become exclusive yet and are still dating. She would be bummed if one of her friends saw him on the dating apps still, but she wouldn’t be super upset because they aren’t exclusively dating each other yet and she is still on the apps as well. She hasn’t been on a date with anyone else though but not intentionally, it just hasn’t happened.  

What Morgan likes about this guy is that he is very intentional, respectful and supportive. She said coming from a toxic relationship to a healthy one is mind blowing. Some ways he’s been intentional with her is after their second date, he had to travel for work, and they couldn’t talk much during that time, but he wrote 15 different date ideas because she told him she likes when a guy plans dates. Then when she went to his house, he had the date list hanging on his fridge with her name on it! He also baked her cookies because she told him she likes sweets. So far there have been no red flags with this guy which she is a little nervous about because she’s not used to that! His personality type isn’t something she is used to and he’s also a year younger than her which is new to her because she’s never dated a guy younger than her.  

Raymundo thought there might be a possible power dynamic since this guy lives in an apartment while Morgan lives in a house, but she assured that he is very financially stable. Bobby Bones thought this guy was not being too intense too fast and that he was being bold. Morgan will not be able to see him for a few weeks due to his job, but she will keep us updated!