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Abby Gives An Update On Her Race Track Concert

Abby got a DM on Instagram from someone who said they owned the racetrack, Laguna Seca in California, and they wanted to book shows there. They asked Abby if she would host a concert there, play a couple songs and bring a Nashville artist. The budget was $50,000. They’d pay her that amount, but she would need to pay the artist as well. Bobby Bones called Travis Denning to find out if he was interested in doing the gig if it turned out to be real and he said yes, and now Abby shared an update!  

Amy did research and found that the racetrack does exist, but when she checked their website, she couldn’t find any events but saw they do host a lot of races. They did host one show last year and are trying to book more gigs. The message was from a listener whose mother-in-law works at the racetrack, and Lunchbox found her on LinkedIn and saw she works there as the director of marketing.  

The woman who messaged Abby said she heard her say on-air how she thought it was a scam and promised it wasn’t. She also shared that the event would be for 20-30,000 people. It’s for the race happening on June 23rd and people would already be there that weekend for the race and the performance is just for entertainment. So far everything is looking real, and Abby is going to continue working with the lady to find an artist to hopefully make this happen!